Visualizing your product idea to be successfully selling to your target customers at a high quality
Original Product Design Idea
Elevating your original product design to an extraordinary result and products as always
MIC Productions
Shipping & Logistics
Completing your supply chain with the just in time shipment & logistics possible solutions
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MIC, Manufacturers in China, is a product solution company which is capable of visualizing your product idea, manufacturing to become a real high quality product, and successfully selling to your target customers. We act professionally between Manufacturers and Retailers. With our experienced knowledge and know-how, we can produce high-quality products to your target markets and countries.

You can supply to us any kind of original product idea and we can transform your idea into a ready to manufacture product design at the best possible cost according to your requirements.

We have a well experienced team of professionals who can produce high quality prototypes to its perfection. The tooling and production processes can always meet our clients’ expectation.

Our network of logistics and shipment solution is helping our clients to minimize cost and maximize Return On Investment at the most cost effective way. We can help our customer to meet their expectation just in time.

What We Can Make

Our Products

Over the last few decades, we have brought many wonderful and great products to the market for our customers from original design ideas to prototypes, from prototypes to tooling & manufacturing. We perfect the whole manufacturing cycle flawlessly and produce a lot of beautifully crafted products for our customers.

No matter the products are made of different materials, we always have a solution and partner network to manufacture such products with very good quality that is always exceeding our customers’ expectation. Just send your ideas to us in whatever forms!

We accept various product types of designs, including:

  • Gaming
  • Toys
  • Stationaries
  • Consumer products
  • Tools
  • Medical device
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Toiletries appliance
  • Household electronic appliance
  • Miscellaneous etc.