Gene GarrettI would like to welcome you to Manufacturers in China. I am an overseas sourcing agent with over 30 years of experience in sourcing out products and sourcing manufacturers in China for major retailers and private companies throughout the United States and abroad.

I am recommended by the Trade Development Councils and the Chambers of Commerce in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

You need to know that you can count on your suppliers and the right manufacturers. What I do is act in your behalf, caring for your interests throughout the process of bringing your products to market.

I will be there to inspect the plant where your products will be made, to meet the manufacturers, to present drawings and samples, and to work with the manufacturer’s designers. I will arrange quality control, packaging, and the inspections of your goods. Rest assured that I will find the best possible products and manufacturers. I will only deal with manufacturers in China whose reputations are solid and come recommended by the Trade Development Councils.

You may also be assured that all documentation regarding the manufacturing and importation of your products will be properly handled. Manufacturers in China also arranges the shipping of your products.


Gene Garrett

Taiwan 1982

For the last 30 years I have been sourcing products and locating manufacturers for major retailers. I have personally met and become friends with hundreds of manufacturers. Through this association, I learned what each manufacturer is producing, and what they are capable of manufacturing.

I can save you months of aggravation in searching out the right manufacturer for your product. You need to know you can count on your supplier. What I do is act on your behalf, caring for your interests throughout the process of bringing your product to market.

I can save you thousands of dollars and speed up the production time of your product.

I will be there to inspect the plant where your product will be made, and to work with the manufacturer’s designers. I will also arrange quality control inspections of your product at the factory.

Rest assured that I will find the best manufacturer of your product, and will only deal with those whose reputations are solid and come recommended by the Trade Development Council.


Manufacturers in China is capable of providing sourcing services for any and all products. We are not limited to any single industry, such as textiles or electronics. If you can dream it up, we can help you locate a quality manufacturer that will work with you to produce a product that meets all of your needs and expectations.

Things We Leave Up to You, the Inventor

At Manufacturers in China, we must limit ourselves to arranging the overseas manufacturing of products for inventors. Listed below are some of the areas which we must leave to you.

1. Major design work. While small changes can be arranged with the manufacturer’s designers, for the most part we rely upon you to present us with a good, tested prototype and/or professionally-done drawings so that there will be no confusion concerning what you want.

2. Marketing of the product. Our job is to arrange your manufacturing and supply of goods from China. Marketing of these products is left to you. If you feel you will need help, there are many good marketing companies and independent salesmen who can assist you.

3. Licensing efforts. This applies to both China and the United States. Because we are so busy with the manufacturing arrangements of inventors, we don’t enter into this area at all. We simply can’t help with this.

4. Funding. Funding of your project must be in place before you begin. We do not handle this part of the project, and we never accept a partnership or percentage in anyone’s company in exchange for our work.

In addition to paying your sourcing agent, some of the costs that will arise are these:

If you patent your invention you may have to hire a patent attorney to help you, and an artist to make suitable drawings.

Packaging will require the artist’s help again, and you will need to obtain a UPC code for your product, so that it can be put on the packaging. This packaging can be done in-house at the factory, but you must have your design ready. To sell your product to the major buyers, packaging has to be attractive and the UPC code in place.

If your product is made of plastic, you will need to buy a mold. Generally they are cheaper to buy in China than in the United States.
Sometimes a product will require a good deal of work to create the sample and the factory will charge a sample charge.

The cost of your first order must be figured in, as well as shipping and Customs charges.

Marketing costs must be budgeted into this project, and it is best to be well funded in this area, so that your invention will be seen in the market place.


ShippingAfter all the hard work spent getting your product developed, the last thing you want to do is leave the shipping to chance. I have worked with numerous Shipping Agents and can ensure that your product is shipped via the most efficient, safe, and cost effective manner and that it is inspected at both the port of exit and port of entry.

You may also be assured that all documentation regarding the manufacturing and importation of your product will be properly handled. Your products will only be handled and shipped by reputable shipping companies.


Although the majority of my clients ask for and receive complete confidentiality concerning their inventions and business plans, I have been fortunate that several clients have volunteered to speak to my prospective clients on my behalf.

One is Don Abbott of Abbott’s Oil Field Supply in Odessa. You can call Don at 432-337-7335. I searched for prices of oilfield equipment in China for him.

Lisa Duer: http://www.take-n-slide.com/ takenslide@yahoo.com We have completed her project and she is selling to major drug store companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Jon McKinnon of Westmed Inc. Owner: jon@westmedinc.com 800-975-7987 They have offices in Colorado and Tucson Arizona. We manufacture nebulizer masks for them.

Devita Montgomery of Art Ingenuities. LLC: 432-559-0211 devidam@cableone.net I am finished with her project.
Kimberly Kirkup: 631-245-1667. We are presently working on her product.

David Kirby: 304-522-7701. I am in the process of developing a product for him for the retail market. He has been on the tonight show introducing his product, with Jay Leno

Mark Micieli: 703-765-1735 centerice11@yahoo.com I have been working on Marks project for some time now and he is now in full production and selling nationally.

Frank Bibbo: 607-326-2884 Frank is placing orders.

Tiffany Fromm: 67 823-03286 Tiffany is in the process of deciding which manufacturer to use. Her and mother came to Hong Kong to meet me and the manufacturers I picked out for her.

In addition, the following people have provided written recommendations:

David Kirby(PDF)

Devita Montgomery(PDF)

Mark Micieli(PDF)

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