How to Make Business Matching

Who is it for?

Finding business partner have to go through many stages to guarantee the partner can match our client in every aspect. Manufacturers in China (MIC) would do the pre-screening and shortlist the suitable companies for creating the business opportunities to our client.

Supply Chain - Business Matching
Business Matching

Top of the supply chain

MIC stands on top of the supply chain, we have the network to reach out all the company from the suppliers and all the way to customers. MIC is the only one you need to contact if you are looking for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers or a way to customers.

Human resources

Human resources are particularly important, quality of the product and reputation of the company would be affect by the action of the business partner. With MIC, you do not need to worry about how to find the business partner. We have the business matching service which is dedicated to help the global customers to identify the potential business partners in the world.

Business Matching

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Business Matching

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