Design !dea

Design Idea

As Manufacturers in China (MIC) is an experienced product solution company, when you come up any innovative ideas, you can freely share with us the product ideas or appearance. MIC could draft the product design on your behalf and 3D render the model to visualize the outlook of the final product with different product size, product color, materials and textures.

Communication and discussion process is extremely important and we value all your design ideas. To perfect your product, MIC need to refine the product after communication and do this process again and again to obtain the best. We would brainstorm possibilities base on your product. MIC, Manufacturers in China are the product-oriented company that come up different ideas, designs and practical products to tailor target customer’s needs.

Our Product Design Based On

Product Objectives

Product is designed to bring values to customers. The purposes you want to achieve would be the main consideration of the whole product design. Every step toward successful product design will base on the project objectives.


Functionality of your product should align with your product objectives and what your product can do are the steps to achieve the product objectives.


Wisdom of crowd are always true. A successful product has to be innovative, creative, fresh to the public. It is impossible to achieve without the design ideas between you and Manufacturers in China. MIC welcome all the thought you have and fit in ours to create a new product.

Target Users

MIC, as a product solution company, the best way to bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers is target the right segment. Accurate target marketing helps you to focus on the best customers and increase the cost efficiency.

Product Design


The usage of the product affects the product design such as material used and it helps us to have a better idea on the product design.


Product size, texture, shape and color are all decide by you. We could come up with various design options and visualize the final product outlook to you. MIC will help you to make the best choice of your company.

To make your dream come true