As everyone knows that, manufacturing industry in China are serving all the companies from different countries. Company can only differentiate itself by lower the cost, get faster production.

Manufacturing in China has numerous factories as our backup to ensure your production is just-in-time with the high quality. Moreover, MIC can handle the production from small order to the large-scale mass production with our strong network of manufacturing factories.

Solution Network

Regardless of whether you want the gaming production, toys production, stationaries production, medical device production, kitchen appliance production, toiletries appliance production, household electronic production or miscellaneous production, we always have a solution and partner network to manufacture such product that exceeding our customers’ expectation.

Guarantee Regulation

MIC guarantee to comply with the law and regulation to protect our consumers and clients by ensuring the product pass all the safety standard with high quality. We are experienced in producing toys but not limited in this industry, MIC promise our customers to have the assured safe product, especially we have the strictest system to test the safety standard for toys and food.

Resource Solution

MIC can free the resource of your company to focus on the other business area by providing solution to manage your production line. We, Manufacturers in China, are here to offer your company the high efficiency, low cost and high yield production.

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