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What MIC Do

Sometime concepts are hard to express by words because of the communication barriers and it leads to the misunderstanding. Manufacturers in China (MIC) can play the role to avoid the different understanding between the manufacturers and the retailers by making the blueprint in 3D in the prototyping process. Product packaging, product printing such as label, logo can be done in the prototyping process to make sure it fits the expectation.

MIC have the best prototyping tools and we can construct a real model from a sketch to ensure what we create is what you want.

MIC has a team of well experienced professionals who can produce high quality prototypes to its perfection. By making use of 3D printing and CNC machinery, MIC can create high quality prototypes. The created prototypes serve as a great basis for us to do assembling testing and packaging design as well as printing design in later stage.

The purpose of assembling testing is to take experiment to examine how the future product works and to imitate the product’s effectiveness. Silk screen printing and pad printing are being used for producing the prototypes. By using such techniques, MIC can accurately create high quality prototypes with finishing options for our customers’ approval and comments for further improvement during the production process.

Why MIC Do


Ideas cannot only work in principle, flaw may occur in the thinking stage. Manufacturers in China (MIC) is here to help you to physically creating the prototype which can test the functionality of your ideas or concept. MIC can do the development part of the prototype and guide your product from idea to reality. Also, prototyping is the phrase to determine the best materials used to create the product considering the cost, the appearance etc. With the prototype, you can effectively communicate with the professional in different groups.