Tooling process is an essential part of the high-volume manufacturing process that involves the hunt and acquisition for different components and machinery required to produce high quality products. Manufacturers in China (MIC) have the tooling technologies to help our clients to perform the most common kinds of tooling such as jigs, fixtures, gauges, dies, molds, cutting patterns and machine.

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Tooling Process

The process of tooling is more than just choosing based on what’s readily available, or what others are using. The outcome of the tooling process directly affects the quality of the end product, as well as the costs that go with the entire process.
tooling process

Tooling Progress

In the tooling progress, MIC would consider the tolerances required in the finished part, mechanical strength, as well as the cutting tool strength as the most important factors impact on the tooling cost. These factors highly correlated to the configuration of tooling, the workpiece accuracy, repeatability and quality in the mass production.

Tooling Quality

Manufacturers in China (MIC) has very professional partner network who can provide best quality tooling capability for our clients as tooling is the really a process of designing and engineering that is necessary to manufacture the final products of desire. The quality of a finished product, its properties, the speed and accuracy with which it can be produced and repeatability of manufacture in high volume production runs, all depend on the precision and characteristics of the tooling.

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